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Distinguishing Features
        In the world, water resource has become less and less. Meanwhile, because the natural terrain of the earth can not make water effectively collected, water saving, a serious issue also faced in the world, has been one of the constantly-promoted policies in every country. Therefore, guiding industries to effectively use water is an imperative task. Through water treatment, wastewater can be collected and purified. If the quality of the reclaimed water meets the associated standards, then it can be recycled and reused. Consequently the goal of water saving can be achieved.

Filtering is mandatory for reclaiming water. Molykem has introduced foreign patent technology to build fiber filtering equipments which can filter and reclaim water. This advanced filtering equipment can completely substitute sand filters which have disadvantages such as lack of sand source and un-disposable waste. With the merits that conventional sand filters do not have, fiber filters are the necessary and efficient equipments for the filtration of industrial and household-
used water. The distinguishing features are shown as the followings:

Excellent filtration efficiency

High Filtration Accuracy

Rapid filtering

High filtration capacity

Small occupation area

Light equipment weight

Low cost per ton of outlet water (filtered)

Low backwash water volume

Easily-cleaned filtering material

Compatible to abents

Excellent oil-removing effect

Free of filtering materials replacement

No short fiber migration

Can get rid of the iron and manganese


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