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Facility Instruction
        The fiber filtering facility, a brain child of professor Fan-Qing Liu, is a high-tech equipment of international leading edge technology, which has won the rewards of Star of Invention / Innovation from U.N. and "the 45th Eureka International Invention Exposition" golden prize in Brussels. From the basis of the original design and the feedback from on-site operation, we have developed new type of products with more superior performance by continuing improvement.

        Fiber filter uses fiber bundles as its filtering material, which is suspended with specific density in the filter. These fiber bundles can be formed into a loose and easily-washed deep-bed-filtration material. In the filter, a density adjustment device is designed to change the fiber density by the hydraulic power of inlet water, so the fiber bundle will become denser as the water passes through, and consequently helps achieve excellent filtration accuracy.

        During the cleaning process, fiber bundles will be released by the hydraulic power and then scrubbed by the air-water in order to obtain complete regeneration. This kind of regenerating process can avoid the shortcomings such as un-uniform washing and the damage of filtering material caused by mechanical stirring.


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